Near the Hotel Chopin in Genoa Principe it is possible to make COVID-19 buffers by appointment. 

Specifically we recommend:

  • for those who need to do the COVID-19 rapid antigen test, we recommend to make an appointment at Farmacia Pescetto 120 meters from Hotel Chopin
  • for those who have to do molecular testing or PRC recommend Biomedical s.p.A 150 meters from the Hotel Chopin

Pharmacy Pescetto (for rapid antigenic test)

Telephone: +39 010 261609

Address: Via Balbi 185r, 16126 Genova

Hours: open 24 hours

Price*: €15 


Biomedical s.p.a. (for molecular testing or PRC)

Telephone: +39 010 2790152

Address: Via Balbi 179, 16126 Genova

Hours: 8-12 / 14-17 , closed Saturday afternoon and all Sunday

Price*: €75 

*This is the last price that has been communicated to us. We recommend to ask for confirmation of the price at the time of booking